Renee has had her gifts as far back as she can remember. She was raised in the Adirondack Mountains region of Upstate New York and has lived in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State for 25 years now. Born on the birthday of a great aunt who also was gifted, Renee was guided and taught by her at an early age to embrace her own differences and uniqueness. While growing up she would see things that others couldn't and was able to say things to others, but when asked how she knew, Renee would just smile and shrug it off. She knew her gifts weren't widely accepted, but being the free spirit she is, started telling people whom were close to her. As a teenager, she would gather up her friends and head out to areas in the Adirondacks that were termed as being haunted, beginning her adventures into paranormal investigating. Star Hill was her favorite place to frequent. Renee is also the radio show host of Renee "LIVE", which she started in August of 2011, and is currently featured LIVE on

Renee holds a degree in Business and Hospitality Management and currently operates her own business. She has held many volunteer positions with organizations that are dear to her heart. She has over 10 years experience working with youth as a Coordinator and Director within the different counties, teaching and also has served on the county youth board. She volunteered for local volunteer fire and ambulance agencies, in the rural settings for nine (9) years, eight (8) of which were as an EMT Critical Care. Renee formed and coordinated a Neighborhood Watch Program in her community and assisted starting them up in other rural towns, under the guidance and traing of local law enforcement, which she did for six (6) years. She is also certified in Life Space Crisis Intervention. Renee used her gifts to assist her in these positions, which she believes helped her to relate with people in all types of situations and ensured safety for all involved.

Renee is outgoing, compassionate, spontaneous, has a down to earth personality and loves to have fun, but also takes her role as a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide and Counselor seriously. It is a respect that she has for herself, others and the other side.

Renee is also the radio host of "Renee LIVE". She was sitting back and thinking how she could reach out to more people in a Spiritual manner, offer mass healing in a painless fashion and entertain others in a fun way. That's when she decided in August of 2011 to start her first show under the name of The Angelic Comfort Show.

As time went on, she decided that a part of spirituality is the unknown world, or the paranormal. So many people have questions they are afraid to ask and Renee decided to make the show all inclusive.

After a while, Renee decided that The Angelic Comfort Show seemed only spiritual, so she changed the name to Renee LIVE. Now that the show is approaching 2 years, she has gained an fabulous following with weekly listens hitting the 2,000 mark. She has performed her mass healing through the show through readings, laughter and even tears.

Those who are typically shy bloom on her show; be it in the chat room, live call-in, Twitter, FaceBook and other social networking sites. Her guests are well known and extremely knowledgeable!

Although the show has gone through many changes, it is advancing rapidly and with her "Go with the flow" attitude. "Let Go! Let God!"

This was sent to me by someone I am assisting. She said "Saw this quote and thought of you...what you are trying to help bring awareness to others."....

  “It’s not the situation you’re in that matters but how you see the situation. Everyone goes through struggles and difficulties during their life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a room without windows and doors. That is an illusion created in our own mind. A new window, new perspective and new awareness await us when we go deep inside ourselves, beyond our emotions, to the place of inner wisdom. The path to a better place patiently waits for us.” Don Shapiro

"Try something new today and challenge your beliefs. You may just be surprised!" ~Renee

 Renee "LIVE" 

Airs "LIVE" every Sunday evening at 9pm EST and the very first show was August 25th, 2011. Join Renee as she focuses on the Paranormal, the Other Side, Topics that help those associated with these fields and those interested!... The ONLY Go With The Flow Radio Show! Listen to the Weekly Health Tip given by Dr. Spectre! Dr. Spectre offers holistic health tips that are beneficial to everyone! Not only is Renee "LIVE" informative, but also loaded with much fun and laughter! 

Many "Surprise Guests" from the Other Side! During each show Renee incorporates the Chat Room, FaceBook and Twitter, making it all inclusive for her listeners. The show has an average of 2,000 plus listeners a week between live and archived listens.

Renee embraces the opportunity to provide you with top notch entertainment! The views and opinions on Renee "LIVE" are in no way a representation of the host(s). For paranormal investigation teams that wish to be on the show, contact me for criteria. 

Let's take a walk on the wild side of the paranormal together!

Intro music written and recorded by "Spaceship Donuts"! 

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