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Astral Plane: The astral Plane is the non-physical world that runs parallel to the physical world. This is where the soul travels upon entering and exiting the physical world at the crossing during life and death.  Not only is this for the soul transitioning to or from the physical world during life or death, but also can be reached through meditation, astral projection (travel), near death experiences and lucid dreaming.

Astral Projection: Astral Projection is the State in which the astral body leaves the physical body and enters the astral plane. This can be a controlled or an uncontrolled spiritual experience. Many will describe the beginning of astral projection as having dreams of free falling and controlling the landing and that will lead to jumping from one spot in a room to another. As it progresses one will go from building to building or hilltop to hilltop. Once these so "dreams" become frequent, then the person learns to control their flights into the astral plane. This can be done in a sleep or awakened state. Some people have even been spotted in different locations around the world, in the form of a full bodied apparition. Some can accomplish this at will and other need to meditate, achieve this during sleep only, sleep paralysis and near death experiences.

Angels: Angels are celestial beings that many depict to be in human form with wings in books, drawings and movies. They may appear this way to some if seen in real, as it's the way people will recognize them, but some may see them differently when they appear. Many people who are mediums and psychics with the ability to see beyond the physical world may see them as sparkles of light, in the specific color that represents them or even in their true form. Angels are guides, guardians, messengers and the bearers of news. There are 12 levels of angels ranging in hierarchy, with many people knowing of the first three. The higher the hierarchy, the less human they will appear. A major misconception is that those who have passed become angels. The majority of angels have never lived in the physical world. There are only a handful who have, which has led to the misconception that our loved ones become angels after they have passed, but it is comforting for us in the physical world to believe they are. Another interesting fact about angels is that most of them are male, but appear as female. The reason for this is that a woman represents softness, comfort and compassion. It is believed that due to the female image, people will be less leery and afraid to accept the love, compassion, comfort and guidance they bring to us.   


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