There's No Place Like Home

Life is like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ if we think about it. They followed the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and met much opposition, but they moved on. Dorothy learned of the real BLESSINGS she had in her life, that were overlooked before. The Tin Man realized he DID have a HEART to love with. Scarecrow realized he DID have INTELLIGENCE, or he wouldn’t have made it through. The Lion DID have COURAGE to face the unknown. 

All of these characters had these qualities within themselves to begin with. Truth of the matter is that they didn’t have FAITH or BELIEVE in who they were and what they really were capable of until their adventure was over. Are YOU going to wait until YOUR ADVENTURE is over to find these characteristics within yourself??? Click those RED RUBY shoes together THREE times and say…’There’s No Place Like Home’. HOME is where the Heart is and IT’S YOUR HOME! YOU are HOME!

Love and Light

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