Angels Come In All Shapes, Sizes and Ages

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not even close to being a morning person. Every morning when I wake up it's always the same routine.The alarm(s) go off and I either ignore, or don't hear them. The snooze bar is hit to death, until no one in the house can take it anymore and I look like a zombie searching for that first cup of coffee, when I do finally make an appearance. Mind you, we aren't talking an 8a.m. wake-up, but more like 6a.m., when the sun hasn't even smiled yet. In the mind of this early rising, smiling angel (cough, cough)... Alarm clocks should be illegal, less startling and they are a pain in the... um you know... <grinning>

As I prepare to stroll out the door with the last of the princesses, to catch her chariot for 6 hours of learning, I sport the latest fashion. That's right! On cold days like today, the trek to the chariot site includes... flannel pajamas, boots, a bright yellow winter coat with reflective stripes, gloves and a hat to cover that beautiful hairstyle! My youngest always says to me... "We match mommy! See? You look beautiful!" I always say... "Thank you, Diddles! You look beautiful too!" and her response is always a smiling, "Thank you mommy!" It always makes me smile.

As we are at the bus stop standing with all of the children and other parents that are also within the realms of the incoherent stage, of the morning like myself, one suddenly looks at me and says... "Wow!! I can actually see your aura today and it is really bright! It looks beautiful!" So I cracked a smile and asked, "Are you sure it isn't the coat?" and the response was "No, for real! It's like you are glowing and it's in your smile. It's amazing and really beautiful!"

My energy has been extremely high lately, as I am making more efforts to increase my vibrational levels and feel like I am on a roll with what many would claim to be exhausting, with ideas. I have been feeling great, even if I am in that state of the awakening dead...

It really is easy for me to increase my energy levels and light up my aura for others to see on command, especially to allow others who have never seen one. Some have described it as if a flashlight were turned on inside of me and it just fans out. This morning's was not intentional though.

After arriving home frigid and my glasses all fogged up, I grabbed my now cold cup of coffee and topped it off. My thoughts returned back to the comment at the bus stop and I started feeling warm inside. Then I did my blessings, along with my thank you messages to God and the angels. I always ask them for a hint of my day and throw out my prayers of protection.

My day was fairly productive and it was more of a day to brainstorm; working to bring my plans to fruitation. The kids would arrive home like the increments they left in... One hour increments.

I had to run out to the store for a few things this evening and I am the type of shopper that likes to get in and get out. A list imprinted in my head with no frills attached. This evening was rather interesting though. I could feel my guides with me that like to play tricks and at times will make me look like a class clown. Why would I say that? 

Believe me when I tell you that sometimes I am like a marionette to the other side. Times like that will happen when there are those around me that need a little up-lifting. They may be going through a rough time, or just in a horrible, grumpy mood. My guides will sometimes pick up on it before I do and walla!!! I become a class clown, controlled by them... At my own expense... 

Through the years I have become very accustomed to their sense of humor, so it is easy for me to laugh it off. They are a part of me and always will be. They enjoy it immensely, these joksters of mine that guide me down my life path! Imagine that one if you will! lol

As I am in the coffee aisle picking up a can of java, a button on my sweater gets hooked into the cart. Mind you I have no clue of this. The aisle was full of just me, myself and I at the moment. Here comes the entertainment now...

The moment arrives where I need to turn and I can feel energy of others around me now. Remember I am an in and out shopper. I make the infamous turn to boogie out of there and here is my sweater caught on the cart. The chain reaction starts the cart spinning with me connected to it. My feeble attempt to disengage the sweater from the cart, which is now twisted on me, was a flop... I can only start laughing. 

The cart spins... I have no choice but to try to untangle this mess and I can't stop the cart. It had a mind of it's own, with the assistance of my own personal traveling comedian group, unseen to many peering eyes. I look up to notice at this point there is now a traffic jam in the coffee aisle and there were six sets of staring eyes upon me. With looks of confusion and what was grumpiness, now turning to smirks. I heard one ladies thoughts... "Thank God that isn't me!!!"

When composure was gained, suddenly out of the blue, my feet did a little unexpected and unexplained jig. My aura isn't the only thing glowing at this moment. I turned to my now audience and said... "Thank you for letting me entertain you! I hope you enjoyed the show!" Everyone broke out into laughter, as I turned to the one woman and said... "I am sure you are glad it wasn't you!" Her husband looked at her and said... "She read your mind, didn't she?!", and he laughed. They truly were all good sports and one gentleman turned to me and said... "Thank you... I needed that!"  Job done.

Had my family been with me during this performance, they would have very quickly split in several different directions, like a bolt of lightening hitting the ground! I speak this from past experience(s)! sigh

When you are in WalMart, I don't know about you, I always seem to go to the check out when there are only a total of 4 cashiers on and the lines seem to reach the back of the store. I know that is only my mind playing tricks on me and it's only half of that.. ok five or six people waiting in each line is more like it, with full heaping carts. It's finally my turn and I am on my way.

Here comes the interesting part if all of the previous wasn't exciting enough for you...

I am walking through the parking lot, lit up only by the vehicles leaving, or entering the lanes and street lights. Suddenly out of no where, I hear this little girl...

"Angel! Angel! I'm over here! Can you see me?" 

Of course the first thought running through my mind is the child lost and looking for someone by that name? She didn't sound panicked, or frightened, so I continued walking. She was obviously in the same lane I was in and her excitement grew; she continued repeating the same phrase.

An adult voice was heard in a faint tone. "What are you doing? Sshhhh You are being too loud." I suddenly see this suv, a little girl in the seat of a cart, an older woman and a young boy. 

Now my car is visible and I smile as I start to walk by, when suddenly the girls yells out...

"There you are Angel! Here I am! Can you see me now?" 

I stopped in my tracks. I look at the little girl's face all lit up and the older woman, who's face was full of confusion. The little girl says in an excited voice...
"Hi Angel! Can you see me? Can you see me? I'm right here!"

I gave a chuckle, ready to amuse this little imagination and said, "Of course I see you! Are there times when you become invisible?" Her response was...

"Yes! Just like you! I can be "INBISIBLE" too!"

The woman, who turns out to be her grandmother, says.. "She can have quite the imagination. I'm sorry if she is bothering you. She has never done this before." Looking at her, I told her that it certainly was not a problem and that I love her imagination, as I turned to the little girl winking. The little girl says, with a smile, to her grandma... "I see her all the time!"

I decided she was three years old and she confirmed that she was. Her next words were even more impressive.

"Angel, I know you and you know me. We fly "INBISIBLE" together and I'm having chicken nuggets with steak sauce tonight!"

I told her that sounded awesome and to have one for me and she giggled a cute laugh. As I went to leave, she said... "Your car is red. I want to see your car." Well, my car is red... I told her she would see it as she dove by with her grandma. Now we shook hands, because her grandmother was in a little bit of shock over the conversation.

One more test for the little one to confirm not for myself, but her grandma. "See you later in the invisible, Angel..."

Her eyes grew big, smiling at me... "My real name is not Angel."... "But Sweetheart, you are one, yes?"... "Sshhh.. Can people know I am?"... "If you want people to know."...

They drove by as I was putting the bags in my car. She waved her little hand and yelled through the closed window, "Bye Angel!" Grandma waved with a smile on her face and I too waved with a smile on mine.

You never know when an angel will walk into your life. The nice thing with this little one, is she was seeking the confirmation to let others know she was different and to stay that way. She spoke and conducted herself as the free spirit she is. That innocent and pure soul, as all children are, will teach many for years to come.

If I have said this once, you will never stop hearing this... Welcome to my world! There is never a dull moment... 
In Love and Light 

Renee ^*j*^

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