A Global Angel message from Ascended Master Quan Yin

Quan Yin is telling us all to let go of all of the situations we cannot control, to God, Higher Power, Spirit and your Angels. Whether it be fear, struggles, anger, forcing things to happen or worry. When we release all of the above and go with the flow if the Universe, things will fall into place as they are meant to be and we open ourselves up to more positive things.

Holding grudges, passing judgement, not forgiving yourself or others. When we blame ourselves for events that we may or may not have done. All of these different forms of emotional baggage hinder the good that is meant to enter our lives. They add more emotional blocks to which is already there. These can lead to depression, increased fear and can effect those around us too.

When we release past issues, arguments, show more compassion for ourselves and others with all involved. It opens our heart chakra to acceptance of others and unconditional love for all.

So take it easy on yourself and others. Forgive the past and embrace the new. Move forward and no looking back or continuing the path of stagnation. Welcome peace within into your life!

Quan Lin is the Buddhist goddess who "hears all prayers". She assists all with compassion and forgiveness. You can call upon her to receive help with these areas of your life. ^*j*^ Renee

This card is from the Ascended Masters deck from Doreen Virtue.

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