Mercury In Retrograde October 21st - November 10th

When Mercury goes into retrograde, it slows down in speed with its rotation around the sun. With the planet slowing down it gives the appearance of moving backwards instead of forwards, due to the other plants maintaining their same rotational speed. Mercury is known as the "Messenger" and is all about communication. Many people panic when they hear that Mercury is in Retrograde and with good reason.

Communication is the keyword when it comes to a Mercury Retrograde. As if the past few weeks we haven't had it rough enough with how misunderstandings can occur, Mercury is upping the ante. You will need to be very selective with your words in order to communicate effectively with others. Those words or buttons you accidentally push with others won't be overlooked during this time period and could cause disagreements, misunderstandings and the lose of relationships on all levels.

You will notice that there may be delays with things you expect to arrive, people or decisions being made by others. Also it is advised not to sign any contracts during these days as your thinking will be different when the retrograde is over and they also say it's the same for getting engaged or married. If you think frustration with electronics is an issue outside of the retrograde, this is a time when cell calls will get disconnected, your computer may act up and many disturbance will be noticed with other electronic equipment.

So you know what to look for and how to avoid the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, we will break it down into astrological signs. If you are on the cusp with your birth date, merge the two signs. Remember... Just because Mercury Retrograde has these possible effects on you, especially with communications, doesn't mean it can be used as an excuse if you are consciously aware and take the steps to prevent it.

Aries Watch communication in regard to your job and health. You may also want to avoid conversations about intimacy with your partner at this time. You may see delays in money received and pay attention to your finances. Don't overspend and take the time to rethink other areas of your life.

Taurus Communications will be difficult with lovers and children. You may have old romantic conversations come up. Make sure that you pay attention to what is being said and the meaning behind the words, not just the words itself or the relationship could end. Do not over react during these discussions. An ex lover may resurface during this time. Be careful with your communications with them and again listen to what is being meant when they speak and not the words used. Pay attention to your finances and rethink before signing contracts or making agreements with partners.

Gemini Mercury Retrograde effects how other people perceive you and communications are can be off with family members especially. Watch conversations and decisions made in regard to home and domestic issues. Put them off until later, especially if it has to do with family. Watch your health and dietary programs during this time and speak clearly when it comes to your health providers. Work may be a challenge. Do not be judgmental when it comes to your co-workers and the work you do. Some may want to seek another job, but it is best to wait on making any decisions. You may also need to redo some of your own work.

Cancer Communication is really effected with romantic partners and children if you have any. Do not over react, jump to conclusions prematurely or make any decisions in regard to either during this time. You may become frustrated with your partner or children during this time, and will want to bring up past issues. Take the time to rest on them until Mercury goes direct. Things with your partner may appear to be dull, so instead take this to to rethink how you can change the relationship instead of calling it quits. After the retrograde, you may regret it.

Leo Be careful with your personal finances and you may become frustrated with friends or group events. Friends will have a tendency to have you on the edge with what they say. During this time you should brush it off. If you made plans to meet with groups of people, they may be delayed or cancelled. Decisions with your home remodeling, repairs or purchasing a new one may be best to wait, as they may not turn out as planned.

Virgo Communication will effect you in all areas. Pay attention to your own body language, as what you speak will not coincide with how you act. People will misunderstand you if you don't think prior to speaking. This includes on the phone, in person, texts, emails, letters, etc. Also if you are speaking to the public, also choose your words wisely. If you are just causally speaking to another, be careful what you say may come back on you. You may notice that your letters are getting lost, emails not received and even transportation issues are likely during this time. Make the extra time to leave early for appointments. Remember that others will misunderstand your words, so review prior to speaking, sending out letters or any work that involves writing.

Libra Extra care is called for when dealing with legal issues, finances and travel. Communications will be off for you in these areas. Do not solidify travels plans during this time and watch your spending. Do not purchase anything major or on a whim at this time. Restructuring your spending habits during this time and after would be beneficial for you. Things from your past may resurface that will need your attention. Use caution in how you handle these matters, especially when it comes to legal matters and finances. Be caeful of someone trying to deceive you at this time or possibly working against you.

Scorpio Communication may be difficult with friends, groups of people and those with joint financial matters. Others may claim you are isolating yourself a bit, you seem distant, or you will notice that they are misunderstanding you. Pay attention to your body language during this time and your facial expressions when speaking to others. The words you speak during this time should have you take a step back to really think if what you are saying is actually helping or hindering you. We all know the Scorpio can sting with their words and decisions, but is it best at this time. You are the one who will be out of sorts... Not the others you deal with.

Sagittarius Communication could be strained when it comes to your career or those you are intimate with. Heated discussions could occur if it pertains to your finances, your personal life or your inner thoughts. Make sure that if you do express yourself, be careful the words you choose and be clear with what you say so there is no misinterpretation. It may be best to not bring things up or discuss them during this time. Wait until Mercury goes direct.

Capricorn Communication will be very tricky for you during this time period with travel, legal matters, your opinions, at work and with coworkers. You will really need to think before you speak or you could be isolated by those you do communicate with. It is best to not sign any binding contracts at this time or setting any travel plans as you may change your mind after. Group meetings or events you may be postponed or cancelled. You may see an old acquaintance or feel the need to contact one. There is a green light here for you to do so.

Aquarius Communications are greatly effected when it comes to children, intimate conversations, romantic partners and financial issues. Be careful if taking out a loan at this time and possibly rethink how you spend your money or acquire it. Is there a way to restructure? Speaking with the public at this time needs to be very precise and clear so there are no misunderstandings. Your own thinking may even be clouded at the moment. Some of you may be considering changes within your life, both small and large. This is a great time to consider the path you wish for, but it is advised on waiting to actually make these changes until Mercury goes direct. Many Aquarians are aware of this and may actually just sit back to observe.

Pisces Your communication in regard to family, home, partners and partnerships may be complicated if not cause complications during this time. Expressing your opinions with others can come over the wrong way with those you speak with now, so take extra precautionary measures to what what you say and how you say it. Travel plans may be delayed during this time and it is advised to leave earlier if planning on making appointments or arriving at your destination on time. If dealing with lawyers or signing contracts, be very clear with your approach and words.

It is best advised that during the Mercury Retrograde, all signs think before speaking and major decisions should be well thought out before finalizing. Everyone's perception is a bit off and who wants to be misunderstood? Remember that once words are spoken... they can't be taken back...

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