Spiritually Speaking

There is always much misconception with people believing that Spirituality is a Religion. As we all know there are many religions throughout the world today and some new ones are popping up on a regular basis, but there are major differences.

Spirituality is in no way a form of religion. Yes, God is a large part of the Spiritualist's life, but it's a belief that we are all "ONE". There is no judgement towards another for religion, race, practices or social status.

Spirituality is... Spirit... Spirit is... Soul... With that being said, Spiritualists strive to live and think in a higher level of consciousness. It's a level of consciousness beyond the physical being. It's through the soul, as they are living their soul purpose.

If we look back through the years, we can see that spirituality has been around for many years. It has taken many forms, but in actuality it has always been around. We can recognize this through years of music. The Beetles are a perfect example, but not the only ones. It is definitely seen through the 70's, 80's 90's and coming back full force now, if not stronger.

The talk of world peace, protecting our planet and passing no judgement on others for the life they lead holds very strong to them. The belief is that everyone works together towards common goals world wide and that is exactly what it is... World Wide.

The love they have towards others is unconditional. In other words, they accept others as a whole, knowing that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. So if you hear someone say.. I love you, it isn't necessarily in an intimate way that many believe. For some reason there is a fear to tell others you love them. Many are just uncomfortable in saying it, or the concern another may take it wrong, but the I love yous are from the heart and are meant.

Positive thoughts and attitudes are another sign of a person who is into spirituality. The Universal Law is something they live by and stand true to. Mainly what is put out into thought, or action to the Universe will come back to you ten fold. So whether it is positive or negative, that is what will be seen in return. This is the Law of Attraction.

People become who they truly are, pushing beyond what they may have been all their life. It is a wonderful feeling to be who you truly are... A Freedom! The time when the soul remembers its true purpose again and once it does, there are no boundaries to all things possible in life!

Returning to the "True Self" or Your Soul is what it's all about and living by it. When that is accomplished, all the other things that go along with spirituality fall into place.


  1. Renee, you said this all so beautifully. Sometime's it's hard to explain one's Spirituality or even just the concept - without them perceiving as a 'PollyAnna' ;)

  2. Thank you Carol. Many people do get the two confused and it can be difficult to explain one's spiritual way of living. The more people understand or learn it's true meaning, we will start to see an increase with those being spiritual. xoxo