The Journey of Sacrifice

This day marks the beginning of the Holiest of Holy weeks that is sacred to many around the globe. The journey to an unselfish sacrifice began on this day. Jesus walked with much unconditional love in his heart, even with the knowledge that throughout this journey and at the end... Jesus would endure much pain and suffering for others. The journey that would forgive others for their sins. His unconditional love for all looked beyond the flaws and differences within others.

It simply amazes me that thousands of years ago, a person stood out to be himself in the face of adversity. He stayed true to himself and didn't falter or fold under the pressures of society, as it was back then. He didn't follow the crowd of the norm. He was a leader, guide, teacher, student and a healer. He encouraged others to be leaders, working together as "One" towards peace and understanding. A role model back then and his legacy continues on to this day.

So as this day moves on, take a moment to remember the man who stayed on his Life Path... His Soul Purpose. The one who sacrificed his life so all others may be forgiven. That includes You and I....

Love and Light


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