Attached Like Glue

I have been speaking about the solar flares and the magnetic field of our planet warping on my radio show much lately. There is a major reason for all of this. As the magnetic field of Earth warps due to these flares, the gateways are opening up. You may ask what it is I am talking about, but you will understand soon enough.

The gateways are the portals to and from the other side. In other words, spirits can pass freely through these openings. These spirits include positive and negative energy, which we are all made up of... Energy... Some may think this to be a "Story out of school or something out of a Sci Fi movie", but out of all seriousness... it's true.

Now so more than ever before people need to be aware of their surroundings and the type of energy around them. The type of energy that you yourself give off too. Have you felt down lately? The feeling that nothing is going right for you. Are you more tired than usual? Do you have a headache lately? How is your neck and upper back feeling? Do you feel like your health or thought patterns are on a downward spiral? How about your legs? Have your thought patterns become negative, that of anger, sudden sadness, or a sudden change in character? Does your energy feel like it's draining? How about those around you? 

Sudden changes within you or those around you are a first clue that you may have what we call an "Attachment". It isn't like your child being attached to your hip, it's a negative energy from the other side. No, it truly isn't your child, so erase those thoughts. lol 

These negative energy entities attach themselves to you for your energy. The points of attraction are either the back of your neck or the back of you knees. They feed off of your positive energy and what's worse is this... You become their target when you are tired, sick, depressed or angered. The elderly are a candy store to them, disabilities and those with longer term illnesses.

Removing them isn't as easy as looking over your shoulder and shouting "Boo". If you are trained in the practice of entity removal, you can accomplish this on your own. Sometimes you may need the assistance of another trained person. For those who aren't trained or uncertain, seek someone who is and ask if you have one of these with you. Then ask for the assistance. 

The best way to assure not getting an attachment is to get the proper sleep, nutrition and be positive. Stay healthy and fit. Light the energy within you so bright that they don't stand a chance. And last but not least, Laugh and love more!

Love and Light...


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