Soul Mate VS. The Twin Flame

Many people confuse the term Soul Mate with that of our Twin Flame. Is there a difference?????

Within this lifetime, how wonderful it is to know we have several soul mates who enter our lives! Our soul mates are like us. They have many things in common and we mirror each other in many ways, but not completely! Our soul mates can be lovers, siblings, friends, any relative and even co-workers! We feel we know them already and are very comfortable in their presence. They are not considered our other half though.

On the other hand, our Twin Flame is our other half. The other half of our soul. There is only one twin flame and they are our exact mirror image. They show the positive and negative sides we all have. Twin Flames bring out the best qualities in each other. They know each other(s) thoughts, emotions and feelings. When the twin flames meet within a lifetime, there is no mistaking. The surge of energy that is transferred between each other is an energy surge neither have ever felt before. It's powerful and very intense. This exchange is without touch. It can be through site, or even voice. It's an instant knowing that you are home. It's very passionate and compassionate. It's a wild uninhibited desire to be together and remain. This love and passion never fades through the years, but only increases through each moment and each breath they take. This is the love we seek in the physical realm, but it is actually a very sacred and spiritual love. The Twin Flame love goes beyond anything here in the physical world. The Ying and Yang...

In order for the Twin Flame energy to be activated, both people need to be on the same frequency or level of consciousness, radiating on the same vibrational level. They must be emotionally ready for this exchange of energy. With this being said, you may already know this person or pass them several times on the street, but if both parties aren't ready due to emotional blocks or being in another relationship that is happy... this energy exchange won't happen.

Our Twin Flames aren't always in this lifetime with us. You may not consciously realize this, but those who are aware describe it as a very sorrowful feeling. The reason for this is they remember their past lives with their Twin Flame and in many cases the remembrances are beautiful. Does this mean that life with your twin flame is always smooth sailing? No, because not only do we have a purpose to fulfill during this lifetime, we also have lessons to learn and teach each other. The one thing is certain with Twin Flames.... Nothing will come between them when the timing is correct.

Much Love, Light and many Blessings to each of you who are yet seeking your Twin Flame and for those who have them in their life already. For those that their Twin Flame is not in this lifetime, I wish for you a life full of much love, happiness and laughter with your soul mates!

Until we meet again.... <3<3<3 ^*j*^ <3<3<3

Reneé Marie Stilwell-Tennant

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  1. WOW.... that was so interesting. Still digesting it. Made sense that one would INSTANTLY know when you made contact with a twin flame.
    Kinda speechless, yet, this blog said so MUCH and was LIKE I need to read it NOW.

  2. Thank you for the compliment on the post! Yes, the Twin Flame meeting for both at the same time is an amazing feeling! Neither will feel the exchange if one isn't ready, which is the one thing many don't realize! You are welcome! Thank you for reading and enjoying it! :-)

  3. This is perfect! I met mine last summer. The spiritual energy is almost indescribable, even supernatural. An open heart and mind are definitely required.