A Lifetime Of Blessings With The 5 Minute Challenge

Daily life can be so chaotic that we are too focused on what is ahead and the imaginary blinders are on. It isn't anything that we have done wrong, as society has conditioned us to play this role.The meetings, work, errands, the children(s) activities, different engagements and every day responsibilities all play a major factor in this! Many people are starting to feel unbalanced in the sense they feel out of sorts, not making heads or tails.

How often do you stop and take a good look at the many blessings within your lifetime? What about the blessings in your daily life? Did you know that one day of blessings can be equivalent to that within a lifetime? Each day we have many blessings bestowed upon us and they appear in the most subtle ways sometimes. They can be so subtle that we tend to overlook them, or forget to give thanks at the end of our day. 

When I speak of these daily blessings that are equivalent to a lifetime, it's waking up in the morning to a new day. The laughter of a child and the random smile from a stranger. The butterfly that gracefully flutters by you, landing with ease on a leaf, or flower. The beauty of the sunrise and sunset, painting us a lasting memory. The time we spend with our loved ones and the moments we are given to say we care. That gentle breeze on a hot day or the raindrop that helps keep everything so colorful and vibrant!  Even the events in our life that are now a life lesson can be turned into a blessing. The things we all take for granted with the simplest joy or pleasure. 

A daily routine that has become a permanent part of my life is taking 5 minute breaks, throughout the day. These little breaks are a time of reflection for me, where I remember my blessings and then I give thanks for them. It gives me a higher appreciation and makes me more humble with the world around me. There is no waiting until the end of the day to risk the possibility to forget one of them. 

Here is a 5 minute Challenge I am offering each of you! Take one day and the minute you wake up, write on a notepad or piece of paper... "1. It's a new day!" Carry that paper and pen with you throughout your day. Take 5 minutes throughout your day to reflect and write down each of the blessings since the previous. At the end of the day, look at the paper and take notice of how large the list is! Believe it or not, that list grows daily! 

Wishing you a day full of a "Lifetime of Blessings"! 


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  1. Counting our blessings - or wondering just what blessings God has bestowed upon us is like like watching the ripples in waves as they come to shore. Theres so many, and seem unending... extending far out to where our eyes can no longer see. It blows my mind each time I stop & breath in all the amazing blessings, gifts, colors, moments of discovery, people in my life and healing that God sent whether asked for specifically or not. I walk in wonder at our Creator & what is all around us :) ! Renee ~ always good to "Take 5" counting your blessings while your still alive, as it is sooo rejuvenating. God bless you Renee !

  2. Very beautifully stated Carol! God Bless you too! xoxo

  3. What a wonderful post. I wake up each morning at dawn and hear the winged sing. They surround my heart with LOVE and when my day gets crazy, I can remember those songs, and it transforms the energy. Even if you come up with ONE thing that was a blessing - it will uplift and change your attitude.
    THANK YOU your words - sometimes when one gets toooooooo caught up in the daily "chores", one needs to be reminded to TAKE TIME OUT....

  4. Exactly...Blessings are our life abundance! There is always more than one if we look close enough!