Angel Message

The Angels are asking that compassion and forgiveness be a main focus within our lives at the moment. As that with the honeybee, she makes sweetness. In order to reap the rewards and move forward within our lives, we need to show more compassion and caring for others. Show it from the heart, but don't take on the others sadness or situation. Forgive those who you have passed judgement on for something in the past. Have you ever acted or done the behavior the one you passed judgement on? Is this possibly a side of you that you yourself cannot face? Either way, it's time to move forward and release all of these emotions that are holding you back to your own healing. Figure out why and then take a deep breath.... Repeat several times slowly.... I forgive for not knowing any better and I love you.... Does it mean you need to resume whatever relationship it was? No, but forming an inner peace for yourself is what is important. The Angels are asking that a conscious effort be made to do this, starting today. 

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