Message From Archangels Michael and Chamuel

A special message from Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel. Archangel Michael is saying the time is now to do a life clearing, so you may open yourself up to a new life and new experiences. Clear away all clutter, negative thoughts, negative energy and negative people that are in your life. Release those things you are holding onto within yourself from past relationships, that are only holding you back and keeping you stagnant. These would include memories and actions done by you, or another. 

Archangel Chamuel is telling us to recognize we are love and we are loved. Take a good look at yourself and start loving yourself from the inside and out. Recognize that the type of love you have for yourself draws in the type of people that you surround yourself with. Those you attract to your inner circle. These people are a reflection of who you are and it creates your world. Are you loving yourself to the fullest and unconditionally?  

When we clear and love ourselves unconditionally, then we are able to have the relationships within our own lives that reflect who we truly are and allow us the true opportunity to accept love... A new life and new experiences. Remember that you are Divine Love....  

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