Angels Message From Phuel, Dokiel and Nathaniel

Angels Phuel, Dokiel and Nathaniel have joined together to bring us this beautiful message today! Angel Phuel is the "Angel of Emotions, the moon and Oceans". Angel Dokiel is the "Angel of Balance" and Angel Nathaniel is the "Angel of Passion"... The Gift of God...

Our emotions can go up and down... become out of balance, especially during the solar storms and the several next moon phases. Emotions are raw energy and if not kept in check, causes imbalance. If one part of is out of balance, then in general, we are out of balance as a whole. Emotions are our reaction to an action or thought. When we have a strong drive or passion for an idea, thought, way of life or a person, our emotions can also increase. Phuel, Dokiel and Nathaniel are asking us to find the balance within ourselves and outside of ourselves, in the immediate world around us. When we create the perfect balance; it opens up our creativity, we see clearer, can focus better and life is a smoother ride. Connect with Nature. Hug a tree and say thank you. Trees are perfect for grounding and balance... Very deep rooted and strong!

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