The Love Within You

Trying times in our lives are something that none of us are immune to. Everyone has experienced at least one point in their life where we felt, "God, enough is enough! I don't feel strong anymore." These times can range from finances, death of a loved one, major life changes, or other events that give a big blow to us. One thing to remember is that God doesn't give us more than we can handle and he loves all, in an unbiased, nonjudgmental way. Through his love, his strength is given to us. It is up to us to accept his love and strength to get through those times. God is in each of us. His love surrounds us. His love is in us, lighting the way. We are one with God. So when you are having a rough moment in life, remember that you have the strength and love needed to make it through. You are stronger than you believe, so start believing in you. God and your angels will never leave your side. Listen to their guidance and you will be just fine! YOU will be just fine....

In Love and Light! ^*j*^


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