The Embraceable YOU!!! Status: SINGLE

There have been many people asking me lately to answer the question for their secret wish! "When will that right person enter my life and sweep me off my feet?" When I do a reading for those who ask, many different things can happen. Through communication with their Guides and the cards, I am either told a time frame and specific details or what needs to happen with the person asking, prior to it even being possible. With the later of the two, there is an appreciation, but also a disappointment.

In all honesty, for a person to be in a meaningful and unconditional loving relationship with a partner, one must be comfortable in their own skin first. It's a process of loving who you are from the inside out, no insecurities, confidence in yourself, increasing self-esteem, releasing emotional blocks and not actively seeking another. A relationship isn't about dependency or needing another. It's about sharing beautiful, fun moments with another person whom the energies mix and being on the same vibrational frequencies, but still being able for each to carry on their separate interests without guilt being placed on the other.

When a person let's it be known they are actively seeking a partner, they are lonely and wish for one or that is what consumes their mind, attracting the wrong ones in your life happens. It is then time to stop and take a good look in the mirror and start asking why you feel this way. These are signs of insecurity with self, low self esteem and dependency on another. Having these characteristics is not the formula for happiness when entering a relationship. It's time to heal yourself before bringing another person into the picture.

Heal the wounds of the past by being honest with yourself first. Seeking the help of friends and if need be, the assistance of a professional. Evaluate what has gone wrong in past relationships. Was there a repeated pattern in each one? Admit your own parts in the relationships, as no one is perfect and be able to forgive in your heart. Rid yourself of negativity and drama, marching forward in a more positive light.

Spend quality time with friends and family! Focus on you! Be dependent on you! Go out and live your life to the fullest and enjoy all the blessings currently graced upon you. If you feel there are no friends, then ask you self why. Go out and make some by attending functions where there are others who have similar interests.

When the time is right it will happen and remember that being in the wrong relationship can be more lonely and toxic than being alone. So take the time to focus on yourself to be the best you can be! It's only fair to yourself and the future partner you wish to share the special moments with!

In Love and Light!


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