A Channeled Message on LOVE for July 27th, 2013

The second drawing that I was asked to do for everyone has to do with ‪#‎LOVE‬!

Many people are seeking romance and companionship and are either finding the wrong person and settling out of desperation, hoping that the other will change, or by letting it be known they are on the prowl! raaaawwwwrrrrrr lol

Just like everything else you wish for in life, with the Law of Attraction and the way the Universe works, you need to be specific. What are the qualities you are seeking in a mate? Similar interests... Laughter... Fun... What about if you have children? How do you wish them to be with your children? You want them to accept your flaws, yes? Sense of humor is important! How about adding in some unconditional love?

You need to be specific in all areas and think it frequently, as it is already happening. Using names isn't what you want to do, as if the person is right for you, it will happen. Love yourself, be happy and most importantly... Be yourself!

The more often you do the above things, the sooner it will happen. Remain positive!

An added bonus is lighting a pink candle and calling upon Archangel Chamuel. Tell AA Chamuel all the above and watch things unfold!



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