A Channeled Message for July 27th, 2013

You all know that when I hear from the higher powers that a message is needed for all, either I relay the message or get a big slap to the back of my head, so I choose to relay that message... lol Here is what they want you all to recognize and work on, as they are bringing things before you now.

The Angels wish for you to start Compromising with others. Sometimes we all get set in our ways of right and wrong, my way or the highway and even not wanting to change our staunch ways. When we compromise, it is a win win situation for all involved and works out for the highest good for all!

Adding to this is the Shadow Self, or those characteristics about ourselves that we don't like to admit and seeing them in others. It also has to do with patience, change and tolerance...

You are probably seeing different things being brought forward in your daily life at this moment that irritates you with others. Maybe it is someone driving slowly when you are in a hurry.. A child screaming in a store.... Ordering something to eat and it not being right... Someone cutting in front of you in a line... etc...

How you handle these different types of people and situations is a reflection on your darker side. Most get frustrated, angered, cuss and some even start to fight. They are intentionally being placed in front of you at this point and time to invoke change within yourself. Whether you choose to make these changes is up to you. It's Free Will, but they are asking you to move forward in your own growth!

Here is an example of what happened to me the other day... I was in the store the other day and standing in a long line. A very confident man cut in front of me and of course everyone else behind me who had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Like many, my first thought was to say something rude, but my children were with me and I am always trying my best to set an example for all others when I can. So I said to this confident man... Sure, you can get in front of me. (Tried not being sarcastic lol) He gave me a nasty look and those behind me weren't happy. When it was finally his time to pay, he didn't have enough money. He became angry with the cashier and stormed out. Confident he was indeed! I put my items on the counter and the cashier apologized to me for his all around rudeness. I only smiled and said it was ok. In turn, I was given a free cappuccino! So as you can see it's all in how we handle these moments, that reflects back onto us.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, full of much love and happiness!


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