Awaken To The Awareness Of Your Daily Life

Every day that we go through our daily lives, many things transpire during the hustle and bustle. Activities within our homes, errands, work, and sometimes a list that appears longer than Santa's Naughty List! We become so wrapped up in our own daily lives that we become blinded to what is transpiring or who is around us that isn't within our immediate vicinity.

One of my pet peeves is driving... I grew up being told to watch out for the animals that may run out in front of you, but as the years started passing by that isn't my main worry anymore. Other people driving on the road has risen to the top of my list. With all of the numerous safety devices implemented on vehicles and the road, they are only as good as the visual perception of others.

Everyone is in such a hurry to get from Point "A" to Point "B" and throw in "C, D, E..." that their adrenaline, worries, emotions and life issues, or simply being late getting somewhere clouds their reality of seeing the actual. You notice people pulling out in front of others where there isn't room enough. People not seeing other vehicles, slamming brakes, tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic without concern for oncoming traffic. Then there is road rage or those speeding up to get in front of others because they don't want anyone in front of them, to only slow down again. Texting while driving is now a $150 fine with 5 points on your drivers license in New York State, as a new measure to prevent accidents.

Accidents are on the rise in the United States due to the lack of clear, cognitive, rational, peripheral and perceptional observance and thinking.  It's the latest attitude that many carry and it is just as bad as a person getting behind the wheel after drinking , taking overly prescribed narcotics or recreational drugs. Their perception of what is going on around them is clouded or non-existent. A perfect example of how crazy things have become is daytime lights. It used to solely be that motorcycles used their headlight while driving, making other drivers aware they were there. Now they are lost in the crowd and people now aren't noticing the daytime lights on other vehicles....

I am certain many will agree that many mishaps occur on the road daily and maybe we are all guilty of being one of the drivers that is in a hurry, living in an obscured state for a short time. We really need to wake up and think about the repercussions we could face if we caused or are in an accident due to this. I know that I would have a difficult time living the rest of my life with a clear conscious if someone innocent or possibly several were permanently injured or killed due to my own irresponsibility.

So the next time you are out driving for whatever reason, challenge yourself to practice patience. Let go of ego, leave earlier and clear your mind so the main focus is to maneuver that large piece of machinery you are responsible for. It may save your life or that of another.  

In Love and Light!


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