The Twin Flame Misconception

I am seeing all over FB that people are determined to seek out their Twin Flames. What many aren't realizing about the Twin Flame are a few important mentions.... The Twin Flame is your exact half... They are the image of you spiritually and the equaling of polarization with Ying and Yang. Many appear to be thinking this is only based on a romantic level and that is all they believe it to be. A person's Twin Flame can be a relative, a friend, co-worker, child, etc... It doesn't always mean they will be your romantic partner. 

The other side of this is that your Twin Flame may not even be in this lifetime with you. If you even meet your Twin Flame, you may not even like that person, as they will reflect a part of yourself you do not care for. The meeting of the Twin Flame is for the purpose of fulfilling a mission together and sometimes apart. They may meet and then part to fulfill that purpose. Lessons to learn and missions to accomplish. 

A soul mate is very similar to a Twin Flame. Again with the respect of it can be any of those mentioned above. It doesn't always mean in a romantic way. We all have several soul mates in our lifetime, but only one Twin Flame for eternity. A soul mate will be close to your exact, but in the same sense are not. There will be differences. I just don't want to see people thinking that meeting their Twin Flame, if in this lifetime, is the perfect romantic picture. If it is in romantic nature and not through acquaintance, it can be extremely challenging and a let down for some. If you aren't certain if your Twin Flame is in this lifetime, connect with someone who can help you find out and then understand that it may not be the picture that you have placed in your mind...

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