The Dawning of A New Day

As I sit outside working today, many thoughts have been running through my mind. Of course as with many, the main one is today being the Anniversary of September 11th, 2001. I vividly remember gathering with high school students in the library of the school I worked in, watching it all unfold live... The feelings, emotions, anger, disbelief, tears shed and the holding of each other. The angels that pulled together helping those who survived and desperately trying to seek more survivors, those injured and willingly exposing themselves to toxic fumes and chemicals... out of love to help another. The angels who walk among us to this day that are helping those left behind.

As I reflect on this horrific event, the love in my heart only grows with the deepest of respect for how everyone pulled together around the world, offering support to the citizens of the United States.

A message from the Angels and guides for all of you:

We ask this of all our children, who were not directly involved, to let go of the anger and bitterness that is held inside of your hearts. Those who were truly effected still need your love and support emotionally. Their healing and grieving still carries on to this day and will for years to come. Help to guide them to the healing they need in a positive light. With all that is no more new growth emerges and move forward with hope, faith and belief that all will become stronger. Spread the peace, love and compassion daily to those you see suffering. See this world as a beautiful place and cherish each other. We ask this of you... ^*j*^

In Love and Light...

Reneé Marie

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