Yin And Yang

Many people associate the Yin and Yang with the balancing of relationships, the Night and Day, Dark and Light or Total Opposites. Did you know that it also represents the balancing of the masculine and feminine within you? Each of us have masculine and feminine characteristics within us and when balanced, like everything else in life, we reach a better understanding of who we are and embrace the relationship of Self.

Balancing the relationship within also is acknowledging the light and dark  sides that we all have. Yes, I said we all have a light and dark side. Our light and dark sides are the favorable and non-favorable characteristics that we sometimes don't like to recognize. It's actually important to recognize them.

When we are able to keep ourselves balanced on all levels, reaching the balance of our own relationship then relationships with others become balanced and in tune. Another advantage to balancing ourselves within is allowing the increase of our vibrational levels. Increasing our vibrational levels is a positive action which brings more positivity into your world. Higher vibrational levels also will expand on those who resonate on the same level and you will notice more people entering your life who are like minded.

So embrace your own masculinity and femininity! It's very advantageous!

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