Finding The Perfect Balance

Many times we miss the beauty that surrounds us simply due to our busy lives. In conjunction with our daily schedules are the worries, cares and concerns. Many seek inner peace and a balance, but find it difficult.... Especially now with many going through a rough time in their lives.

Meditation is a great way to bring balance and a form of peace into our lives. There are many types of meditation techniques that don't involve sitting in a room of silence or soft music playing. Meditation can be done walking or even by doing an activity that you enjoy most. All you need to do is clear your mind for a designated period of time, that you choose. One of the fastest growing ways to achieve this is walking.

Choose a serene place to go. Nature is the best place to be, whether it's by water of in the woods. Both places have the most fabulous soothing energy! All you have to do is still your mind and breathe. Notice the beauty around you and let it perform its marvelous magic!

This photo was taken up at my parents where I grew up. This was my playground and still is to this day. Stepping into the woods and walking through the ravines to the creek below. Yes, we call the brooks and streams a creek. lol With every step you take on the property the Nature Spirits show themselves and let you know their joy to see you enjoying their beauty! It's simply breathtakingly beautiful!

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