Energy Vampires Stay Away

Do you ever feel like you are filled and surrounded by much negativity? It's the worst when you are surrounded by those who are negative and have a negative attitude throughout their day. Gosh how it can infiltrate your own energy.. drain you and even make you feel negative!
We call people who are negative... Energy Vampires! Some thrive on negativity as a form of attention or drama and then there are those who feel that nothing good can happen in their lives. Another form of Energy Vampire are those who don't exhibit it by the presence of being negative, but can actually be very savvy about it. Which ever type of Energy Vampire they are, you feel your own energy depleting in their company!

Here is an exercise that will assist you in blocking out these energy suckers and saving your own! Simply make a circle with each hand by connecting your thumb and forefinger. Take your circles and intertwine them to form a figure "8". While these are connected picture yourself surrounded by an energy field that is filled with white light. There is no opening.. no beginning and no end. Repeat to yourself that you are surrounded by positive white light and no negativity will penetrate your energy field.... It's as simple as that!

The only other alternative is to walk away...

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