Emotions and Communication: New Moon In Libra

With the New Moon in Libra that we just experienced, people are feeling a bit frustrated and lacking patience. Emotions are heightened and it can relate to any particular relationship or all. Communication is effected and misunderstandings happen quickly. The best way to overcome these changing effects are to step back and take a deep breath, making the earnest attempt to think before you speak. Make sure your spoken and written words aren't ones that can be misunderstood or hurtful towards others. If others have done this to you, take into consideration the effects due to the New Moon and cut a little slack. Think it through and give the other person the same opportunity. Misunderstandings can lead to heightened disagreements and even end some relationships.

On the other side of the coin, emotions running high can also be a positive thing when it comes to personal and intimate relationships. The relationship can increase with intensity as the emotions and feelings move up to the next level. So it can be a very favorable time for romance... Old and New alike!

Always remember that the negative effects of the moon and planetary alignments can be overridden if we are aware and take the measured steps to prevent and overcome the effects.

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