Fear Not The Color Black

The color black is a very popular color to wear for many people and some don't realize that there is more to it than meets the eye, or putting a label on another who wears black frequently. For some it is more may be due to the slenderizing appearance that black offers, a color they prefer, a fad or due to cultural and religious beliefs. Sometimes we label people who have the preference for downing themselves in the color black as being witches, satanic worshipers, and those who delve into darkness. There is actually more to the color black than what society has labeled those who wear it.

The color black is a very powerful protective color like the color white. The color black helps to protect one from negative energy; both physically and spiritually. Black crystals offer protection of your energy field (Aura), chakras, along with black clothing and accessories. The color black is as powerful if not more than white when worn or burned as a candle, for warding off negative energy and ridding an environment of it. It certainly would be a double standard to say that all the black crystals work against negativity and the clothing doesn't.

Even though white and black are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, it is through folklore and societies myths that black was given a bad label. I am not saying that everyone's intentions for the color black are for this purpose, but putting a positive twist on the color is important.

The combination of black and white is seen worn by many paranormal investigators for the reason of protection, which I am certain many did not realize. Witches have been known for centuries to wear the color black as a form of protection. It didn't matter which form of witchcraft the witch practiced. It does not draw in negativity, but reflect it. Only through the misconception of past beliefs has it become the label of misfortune and of the dark.

So fear not the color black or those who wear it often! Burn some black candles in your home and accessorize with the color black! It will not draw in negative spirits! The black cat that crosses your path would agree!   

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