Weekly Astrological Outlook

When we are aware of the different planetary alignments and the moon phases, we are given the leverage to utilize the energies that work for us and push off the energies that work against us. Here is what you need to know....

Venus is in Sagittarius October 4th until November 5th, bringing the desire to pass our own limits when it comes to love. Desire, lust and need for romance increase pushing us further into that which we aren't familiar with. The key is to know what it is that you want and then act out on these if allowed. It's the perfect time to spice up an existing relationship or start a new. Either way... know what you want.

Satrun is in Scorpio October 5th through December 23rd, 2014. This is a time where you will start weed out stagnant ideas, plans and people within your life that just aren't working any more. It is also a time where we start speaking more honestly and get to the root of issues. Relationships will become closer if there is compromise and honesty when it comes to ideas and desires. Without the compromise and honesty, the relationship could crumble. It is also a time period where we want to watch your words carefully to others as not to cause hurtful feelings.

The Moon enters Pisces October 14th through the 16th leaving us in a dream state. You may be inclined to favor the different Arts at this time, listening to music, reading and letting your mind wander. Although being in a dreamy state is good, you will notice many not being grounded due to this. It is also a few days where some will feel the need to be in and express their self pity. Try not to fall into that trap.

Mars is about to enter Virgo on the 15th and will remain there until December 7th! Mars is represented by fire and is impatient, forceful and straight forward with thoughts and opinions. Virgo is an Earth sign that chills the hot flames of Mars. Virgo is thoughtful, practical and patient. Together any projects you have going will be done quick and efficiently, but be aware that you will need to be patient with yourself and others. Watch your words and show patience with those working close to you; be it in a working environment or on the relationship front.

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